Behind My Face is an ongoing, daily photographic diary project analyzing the perception of identity across time. The project consists of a collection of Diana Scheunemann's self-portraits, 365 days a year, starting in 1999. The daily pictures are however interrupted by blank photographs of days Diana refers to as 'blackouts' or 'black days': days Diana wished could be forgotten or days actually forgotten, or even days lost due to broken film or lost files.

In her early days Diana kept a diary to capture certain moments to recreate in her mind. This habit later manifested into this photographic project, rather than a written diary. In this way Diana could record and remember where she was when, and how she felt in that moment. For this project, Diana has dedicated herself to realism, depicting herself honestly without any interest in vanity. Opposed merely documenting her physical aging, Diana documents her emotional state and changing environments. Each photograph captures a sometimes even random moment, whether sad, exciting, tragic, or just an ordinary everyday instant.

Her sincerity allows viewers an intimate look into her life, both physically and psychologically. These moments, capturing Diana's changing appearance and context, become framed in time, representing time's passage. In this effort to understand the journey of her character, Diana creates a bigger picture of herself and raises further questions about the nature of change and identity.